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    Konstantin Lichtenwald has over 15 years of finance and accounting experience, including corporate compliance, accounting and financial management, and initial public offering and reverse takeover services. Konstantin Lichtenwald of Vancouver offers extensive knowledge and know-how for companies in two key financial jurisdictions, North America and German-speaking parts of Europe.


    Konstantin Lichtenwald of Vancouver’s accounting, financial skills offer a multifaceted hands-on approach to strategic management and problem-solving. Konstantin Lichtenwald specializes in providing corporate finance, valuation, taxation, financial reporting, consulting, and other accounting services to both small businesses as well as public companies.

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    1. Grow an emergency fund According to Konstantin Lichtenwald based in Vancouver, first, you should know that your credit card isn't a quick-fix money solution. It lets you pay for products and services; it's a payment method. Your credit card can't be a tool to increase your income or...
    (The Magazine Plus Editorial):- Vancouver, British Columbia Jul 16, 2021 (Issuewire.com) – Ever since the beginning of 2020, the global markets have continued to be quite volatile. While the world first struggled with the COVID-19 pandemic and global lockdowns, many are now challenged with rising...
    An important responsibility that all people share is the need to save, invest, and prepare for their financial future. Unfortunately, many people have been wary about investing due to the volatility that has taken place in the markets over the past year. While having hesitancy is natural, one...
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