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    Konstantin Lichtenwald has over 15 years of finance and accounting experience, including corporate compliance, accounting and financial management, and initial public offering and reverse takeover services. Konstantin Lichtenwald of Vancouver offers extensive knowledge and know-how for companies in two key financial jurisdictions, North America and German-speaking parts of Europe.


    Konstantin Lichtenwald of Vancouver’s accounting, financial skills offer a multifaceted hands-on approach to strategic management and problem-solving. Konstantin Lichtenwald specializes in providing corporate finance, valuation, taxation, financial reporting, consulting, and other accounting services to both small businesses as well as public companies.

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    There is a saying that people need to spend money and make money and companies are going to have a hard time getting their ideas off the ground if they are not able to raise enough money to conduct research, stock up on inventory, and market their products and services. Therefore, there are times...
    With so many companies entering a wide variety of global industries, competition is stiffer than it ever has been in the past. Therefore, many companies are looking for ways to raise additional capital. It can be helpful to go through a traditional IPO, which is an initial public offering;...
    It is critical for everyone to make sure they know how to do their taxes and how to do them correctly. This means not only following the law but also making sure that they minimize their tax burden. According to Konstantin Lichtenwald of Vancouver, some people might be paying more in taxes than...
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